Sunday, 19 December 2010

Something's blooming in the Post Office

For those of you who use the West Malling Post Office, keep an eye open when you're next there, something's blooming, something familiar perhaps. You might know more than you think you know. If you do please respond to this blog and tell me. Thanks and a Happy Christmas to everyone. Stuart

Saturday, 4 December 2010

I've lost another patient and that's great!!

Earlier this week and after only just one session Lucy telephoned me to say she would not need her next appointment as in her words, 'she was cured'. Yes, after many years of suffering and having her life so negatively afftected by this all consuming food phobia, she was released from its relentless clutches. Lucy has said that this really has been a life changing experience for her. That is so brilliant. Lucy you are indeed a star and I'm sure you are an inspiration to many.
Best wishes to you all; Stuart Richards

Friday, 19 November 2010

Brighton University - what a great place to learn...

I am validated by the GHSC with 'The Senior Qualification in Hypnotherapy Practice'(SQHP). A necessary part of that is a commitment to voluntary learning and advancement in the profession. Accordingly, I recently attended a training course for practitioners at Brighton University. What a great place of learning, I was really impressed. The buildings mainly contain glass so they're full of light and the site is mostly pedestrianised hence it's quiet and safe. It's a good place to learn - if you don't know it, I recommend that you check it out. Blog soon, bye for now, Stuart Richards

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Updated Website

Hi Everybody, Well we've done it, or should I say our web manager has completely updated the West Malling Hypnotherapy Practice website and we've just gone live. Not a lot of difference I hear you say? Well, it's all in the technology apparently. The site should now be clearer and brighter to view and we will be able to share more interest with you so much more easily than before. I will be blogging soon but for the moment I hope you enjoy the summer and be happy. Best wishes, Stuart

We're Blogging!

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