Tuesday, 2 August 2011

On yer bike...from Dorset 2 Denmark for charity.

Tuesday, August 2nd '11

Having recently successfully completed a four year degree, my youngest son Ben and two of his mates from university have set themselves another very worthwhile challenge. At 7am this morning they set sail on a ferry from Poole in Dorset to Cherbourg in France and at approximately 11am local time they started to cycle to Copenhagen to raise money for The Stroke Association. These three young graduates could have been 'letting off steam', in a far less productive manner. Instead they have dedicated themselves to this fund raising challenge which they have planned with great care and professionalism. All the costs are theirs and all the money raised will go to charity. If you would like to support them and perhaps follow their progress, please go to www.justgiving.com/dorset2denmark
Many thanks and best wishes, Stuart Richards

Sunday, 5 June 2011

Health Matters...

I recently read an advertisement for quite a well known brand of 'natural health' product that is allegedly intended to help relieve stress. The advertisement states that being over stressed can result in many health problems such as headaches, stomach upsets, high blood pressure and troubles with the heart. In my experience overly stressed people can also experience degrees of anxiety varying from bursting in to tears, anger, resentment and fear, to full blown panic attacks and quite often experiencing IBS and or other physical manifestations along the way. The advertisement suggests that this product can help to relieve stress, which I understand to mean, help to relieve the 'effects' of stress, for I am not aware of a pill or a powder that can relieve the 'cause' of stress. You can take a pill to temporarily rid yourself of pain but unless you tackle the cause of that pain you know the pain will return and I suggest it is similar with stress. It is of course sometimes helpful to take something that will take the 'edge off ' for a while but if you're increasingly suffering the effects of stress you need to release the cause of that stress and that my friends is where I eventually get around to hypnotherapy; I know you were wondering. Clearly, as helpful as those pills might be, if you're suffering with any kind of stress that lasts for more than a few days, as well as being checked out by your GP who might be tempted to prescribe you an anti-anxiety drug (anxiolytic) to mask the cause of your stress, consider seeking help from your local GHR Registered Hypnotherapist. In many cases for little more than the cost of a few pots of pills, you might just get rid of your stress and its causes, for good. As ever it's up to you; keep smiling. Stuart Richards GHR Reg. 07970648433

Sunday, 20 February 2011

Students Don't Despair...
There are many students currently burning the midnight oil as they study, revise and perfect their projects and promotions for vital vivas and presentations to take place before Easter. To them I say don't stress, don't panic and don't despair. You're putting in the work, so if things ever feel overwhelming just take a deep breath, hold it for the mental count of seven and slowly let it out and repeat a couple of times if necessary and then methodically follow your plan. Make sure you get sufficient exercise, rest and sensible food and as you breath away that angst keep thinking about the positive outcome you're working towards and you will achieve it, will you not?

Monday, 7 February 2011

One of the best stress busters ever...

Do you enjoy gardening? Well, the answer to that could I suppose vary from no, sometimes, you must be joking or yes I love it. Whatever the answer, your garden loves you given half the chance, because gardening is one of the best stress busters ever and it also means a bit of good healthy exercise as well. If you're suffering any degree of stress just try half an hour in the garden, tidying up a border, pulling some of those difficult and unsightly weeds out or doing a bit of light hoeing. Even if to start with you're only putting in half your energy, in no time at all your mind will be taken up with that blooming weed that won't budge or the border that you want to finish before it starts to rain. It is so easy to find yourself in the garden and lose that stress and anxiety at the same time. Stress that has perhaps dogged you all day or even longer. Fortunately it is now getting a little warmer, so why not try exercising your troubles away in the garden and reap the rewards for yourself and a beautiful garden as well. It will cost you nothing and you could gain so much. Don't forget that when you're feeling stressed it is so easy to consult Dr Garden. Here's wishing you a beautiful garden and a peaceful mind.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

A Happy and Peaceful New Year to All.

Everyone at West Malling Hypnotherapy Practice wish you a happy, successful and peaceful 2011. If however personal or work related stress is already winding you up or those old issues are getting to you whilst the winter blues relentlessly grind on, please remember to practice the breathing exercises and self hypnosis and never forget that I'm always here to help. Contact me on Tel: 01732 842 942 or E-mail: de-stress@hotmail.co.uk
and of course you can view the website at: http://www.hypnotherapyinkent.com/
With best wishes, Stuart

Sunday, 19 December 2010

Something's blooming in the Post Office

For those of you who use the West Malling Post Office, keep an eye open when you're next there, something's blooming, something familiar perhaps. You might know more than you think you know. If you do please respond to this blog and tell me. Thanks and a Happy Christmas to everyone. Stuart

Saturday, 4 December 2010

I've lost another patient and that's great!!

Earlier this week and after only just one session Lucy telephoned me to say she would not need her next appointment as in her words, 'she was cured'. Yes, after many years of suffering and having her life so negatively afftected by this all consuming food phobia, she was released from its relentless clutches. Lucy has said that this really has been a life changing experience for her. That is so brilliant. Lucy you are indeed a star and I'm sure you are an inspiration to many.
Best wishes to you all; Stuart Richards