Monday, 7 February 2011

One of the best stress busters ever...

Do you enjoy gardening? Well, the answer to that could I suppose vary from no, sometimes, you must be joking or yes I love it. Whatever the answer, your garden loves you given half the chance, because gardening is one of the best stress busters ever and it also means a bit of good healthy exercise as well. If you're suffering any degree of stress just try half an hour in the garden, tidying up a border, pulling some of those difficult and unsightly weeds out or doing a bit of light hoeing. Even if to start with you're only putting in half your energy, in no time at all your mind will be taken up with that blooming weed that won't budge or the border that you want to finish before it starts to rain. It is so easy to find yourself in the garden and lose that stress and anxiety at the same time. Stress that has perhaps dogged you all day or even longer. Fortunately it is now getting a little warmer, so why not try exercising your troubles away in the garden and reap the rewards for yourself and a beautiful garden as well. It will cost you nothing and you could gain so much. Don't forget that when you're feeling stressed it is so easy to consult Dr Garden. Here's wishing you a beautiful garden and a peaceful mind.

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